Saturday, June 11, 2016

Trip - Penang - Day 1 - Eat-All-You-Can Durian Buffet

Hi Blog,

After our dinner and little shopping at Gurney Plaza (didn't take any picture, just pure shopping and end up bought many UNQIO stuff...) anyway... after 1 hour and 30 mins of shopping (a bit too rush), we drove to our main highlight of the trip is to eat Durians!

I happened to find this stall from this site (link from - Tng Siang Hock Trading - Eat all you Can Buffet! (facebook page) 

I am excited!
Simply like the website but.... not much durians...
I heard the boss claimed June period when hardly have any rain, and limited riped durians - which we can see...
Due to some reasons... We don't pick the opinion of buffet of durians... so Mr Li helped to pick the best durians, and ended up we paid quite some price.........

In front of durians, I will forget whatever unhappiness had happened and just EAT!

After finished nearly five to six durians, it had hit my limited! Bloated and feeling FILLING and Fat! Overall... their durians are great and it will be greater if we can eat in buffet style.... Quite disappointed for me... but they do have great quality durians so ... okay.... Time to go back to Hostel and rest.


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