Saturday, August 12, 2017

Trip - Ipoh - Day 1 - Kek Lok Tong 極樂洞

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Just five to ten mins car ride, we arrived to Kek Lok Tong 極樂洞 (link) which located at the west side of Ipoh.

Feeling nostalgic after so many years ago, standing here again with my camera, thumb up for recollection
Big entrance which brings in more breeze
Bow to 觀音菩薩
Let's go in!
Check out the space of the cave
Ah. Bow to 地藏菩薩
Check out the cave formation
Look at the possible habits for birds and bats
Clean and spacious
Looking back
ZN and I were caught in JC's snapshot
ZN still wanted to be in the picture
I shall lift up the cave!
All natural
Bow 菩薩
Bow to 彌勒菩薩
What so amazing about this place is the vastness of the cave and view of magnificent cave pillar structures; cooling flow of air and cleanliness.

another side of the cave
From the entrance to another exit of the cave, you will come to a park embraced by the mountains; you may enjoy the tranquility either inside the hole or the park.

Long time I have never seen a live goose since primary school
Lotus pond, if it flowers altogether will be an amazing scene
Let's fly here and check out the tower
JC wanted to join in.
bow to 山神 Mountain deify
Giant structure of a cable tower and too massive to reach its side!
Look like skyweb
Like a web from the sky
Let's take a group picture with 觀音菩薩
At Kek Lok Tong, you will find some amazing artworks along the pavement. Credit JC for taking the pictures, here are some of them.

It seemed like everyone was getting tired and it was about time to check in our Homestay. Click here to look at our homestay place!


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